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mini FrancisTurbine Generator unit delivered to France

Author: source: date: 2019-05-10 14:24:11

Mini #FrancisTurbine Generator unit, 

After strict factory testing, it was officially delivered to Marseille Port, France.

Equipped with #turbines, generators, automatic regulators, valves, diameters, product use manual, installation manual.

Francis turbine3

The specific parameters are as follows:
Item:5kw Hydro Francis Turbine Generator 

Water Head :5m Flow rate:0.08-0.113/s             Installed Capacity: 5kw
Inlet diameter: 150mm                                      Weight: 250 kg Equipment 

size: 1100 mm * 460 mm * 580 mm                   Vavel: Butterfly valve*1
Generator Voltage: 220v                                   Frequency : 50hz 

Built-in AVR with voltmeter
Francis turbine generator1Vavel11AVRFrancis turbine2

Technical support: