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Delivery of 7 micro axial (kaplan) hydro turbines

Author: source: date: 2018-10-23 13:58:37

This is a return from a customer in Iran. kaplan turbine generators

In 2016, Iranian customers purchased three miniature slant-type turbine generators. In the past two years, 

there was no problem in the use of the products.

 It is precisely because we have always maintained high quality products and our customers' trust in our profession.

 In August this year, Iranian friends once again found our business manager. Purchase 7 micro-axial flow turbine generators in one go.

 The 7 axial flow turbines are 3*1kw, 2*2kw,1*3kw, 1*5kw. 

The specific parameter information can be used to produce the nameplate.

Kaplan turbineKAPLANIMG_20170804_091328IMG_20170804_091336IMG_20170816_105503IMG_20170816_105515IMG_20170804_0913IMG_20170804_091433IMG_20170804_091444

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