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80kw Micro turgo turbine test before delivery to Cuba customers

Author: source: date: 2018-12-13 14:57:17

Excellent production, perfect service. The 80 kW Turgo turbine generator set is tested before delivery. 

This equipment is transported by sea from Shanghai port to Antilla port in Cuba.



Turgo turbine Technical parameters:

Model:XJ13-W-25/1*7    Design head:70m  

Under the design head:

Traffic,0.127m3/s        The output,62.7kw

Design speed:1000r/min

Generator parameters:

Power:75kw             Rate speed:1500r/min


Driving mode:direct connection  Speed way:automatic

The water inlet valve:

Model:Z41H-1.6C        Diameter:c/200

2345678control box

Technical support: