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75 kw Mini Bulb Tubular Turbine Generator Package Delivery

Author: source: date: 2020-04-15 09:54:24

75 kw Mini Bulb Tubular Generator Package Delivery

On March 10, 2020, the custom-made 75kw bulb tubular turbine generator unit from Ukraine was officially delivered. After rigorous and thorough testing before completion, the operation of the unit is very good. Today, the product is packaged and sent to the port designated by the customer. Customers choose to ship, we add anti-corrosion waterproof membrane and closed packaging to the customer's packaging, and the inner packaging is added to the fixed bracket.
The following are the specific parameters of the 75kw bulb tubular turbine generator

Turbine Parameters: 
Turbine 520-40           Water Head: Hr 10 m
Rated flow: Qr 0.85 m3/s       Rated speed: n 1000 rpm
Output: N 75 kW                 Generator Parameters: 
Generator SFW60--6/590    Capacity power P(kW):75
Rated speed n: 1000           Frequency(Hz): 50
Inlet valve (mm): 400

The Ukraine customer was the first to purchase in China, and this project is a small project for customers to use for their own use. And there will be 3 projects this year. In March, we will visit our factory in China and discuss cooperation plans with us. The technical requirements for the product specifications of the two projects pre-launched in the three projects have been sent to us, and our engineers are also making detailed plans for him.
Looking forward to our cooperation next year.

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